No ifs or butts
27 Dec

No ifs or butts Mamamia

What causes 'backne' - and what can we do about it? Dr Sheridan elaborates....Read More

The forgotten third
26 Nov

The forgotten third Professional Beauty

Dr Sheridan outlines options for this critical, yet often overlooked, facial zone....Read More

Passing showers
18 Nov

Passing showers The New Daily

How often should we really shower? Dr Sheridan comments....Read More

Hot skin
17 Oct

Hot skin Harpers Bazaar

Dr Sheridan on the impact of heat and exercise upon the skin....Read More

Mobile Phones and Skin
05 Oct

Mobile Phones and Skin Huffington Post

How dirty is your mobile phone and can it affect your skin?...Read More

Active Skin Care
08 Aug

Active Skin Care Professional Beauty

Dr Sheridan describes the oft forgotten essential ingredient for sustained skin health: active topicals....Read More

Climate Change and Skin
30 Jun

Climate Change and Skin Professional Beauty

Dr Sheridan discusses potential impacts and remedies...Read More

Splinter Groups
28 Jun

Splinter Groups ABC RN

Dr Sheridan with ABC Health and Wellbeing; on types of splinters and their management...Read More

Unwanted Facial Hair
17 May

Unwanted Facial Hair Prevention

Dr Sheridan describes treatment options...Read More